Strong Bond
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Fiber-reinforced, adhesive & base coat, cement-based mortar for thermal insulation boards

Strong Bond is a fiber-reinforced, one-component cementitious resin mortar. Contains cement, quartz aggregates, limestone fillers and improving additives. It offers excellent adhesion, high mechanical strength and flexibility. 

It is classified as a GP CS-IV W2 rendering mortar according to EN 998-1 and as part of certified external thermal insulation system CLIMAWALL® by BIOCLIMA® according to EAD 040083-00-0404, as adhesive and base coat mortar.


  • Fiber reinforced mortar.
  • Contains quartz aggregates.
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate.
  • High mechanical strength and resistance to elastic deformation.
  • Resistance to moisture and frost.
  • Excellent workability.
  • Fine grain finish.
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor usage.

Packaging:25 KG

Shades:Grey, White

EAD 040083-00-0404
EAD 040083-00-0404
EN 13501-1
EN 13501-1 (Reaction to Fire: A1)
EN 998-1
EN 998-1

Technical Info

Technical Information

6-6.5L water/25kg
4-6 kg/m²
1-2 hours

Application - Tools


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How to Use

Strong Bond has very good adhesion to all standard substrates such as concrete, bricks, plasters, cement blocks, cement boards, gypsum boards, aerated concrete etc. The substrate must be sound, even, free from loose and foreign parts (e.g. residues of mud, plasters, paints, oils, etc.), without large cracks. Also, the substrate must be stable, free from shrinkage, deformation tensions and vibrations. Light soaking with water before use is recommended. On highly absorbent surfaces (e.g. aerated concrete, gypsum boards) priming is recommended using micromolecular acrylic primer Eco Dur Aqua by KRAFT PAINTS.

Application as adhesive / Level Surfaces: Strong Bond is applied to the thermal insulation board with the smooth side of spatula and then combed with the serrated side in order to be uniformly applied on the whole surface. 

Uneven surfaces: Strong Bond is spread with a trowel around the perimeter of the thermal insulation board and on 2-3 center points. Press firmly the thermal insulation boards on the wall to ensure uniform spread and contact of the adhesive. Minimum board coverage 40% is obligatory. The final surface must be completely smoothed. Open time is 20 minutes after the adhesive is applied. Any surplus adhesive must be removed from the board joints. If the adhesive dries before application of the thermal insulation board, remove it and apply a fresh layer. Application as base coat (anti-cracking protection): Over the whole surface of the thermal insulation boards apply a uniform layer of Strong Bond using trowel and reinforce with glass fiber mesh Clima Net 160. The mesh must be overlapped approx.10cm in the joint area. At building openings (windows, door reveals etc.), diagonal reinforcement must be carried out. It could be applied another thin layer of mortar, in a way that it completely covers the mesh and provides an even surface. 

Total width of the layer should be between 2-3mm.


Immediately after the application tools must be cleaned with warm water and soap or a detergent solution. Remove as much material as possible from tools before cleaning.