New “Exoikonomo” Program – Round Β


Take advantage of this subsidy program to upgrade your building's energy efficiency with BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems.


Meet BIOCLIMA® innovative

The BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems family was designed with the Greek climate conditions in mind, with a multitude of microclimates and architectural traditions. These two systems for facades and flat roofs (terraces), constitute part of a new, human-centric and environmentally conscious architectural culture. They contribute in cost savings and environment protection, mainly through CO2 emissions reduction, due to decreased requirements for heating or cooling unit utilization.


The ClimaWall® systems offers technical solutions certified according to European Regulations (EAD 040083-00-0404), leveraging all 4 thermal insulation board types (white & graphite expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), mineral wool (MW)), offering two base coat options (inorganic and organic), meeting every architectural and design requirement through the comprehensive ClimaTop® finishing render line.


BIOCLIMA® ClimaRoof® is a complete lightweight thermal and water insulation system for flat roofs (terraces). It is the fruit of the collaboration between two leading groups in the construction materials sector: KRAFT Paints and FIBRAN. It comprises specific sequences of thermal insulation, adhesion and waterproofing layers; these are applied in discreet phases on building terraces, thus offering proven shielding against water and thermal ingress, combined with the least possible load burden to the structure. In the case of terraces without drainage gradients, the ClimaRoof® Incline system can be used.