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The company titled «DRUCKFARBEN GREECE INCORPORATED OF MANUFACTURING, TRADING AND DISTRIBUTING PRINTING INKS AND PAINTS» (hereinafter called DRUCKFARBEN) by way of the www.druckfarben.gr site (hereinafter called Website) provides its users with information and services. Website access and use is governed by these terms and conditions. Users are urged to carefully read and fully comply therewith. Use of the Website implies the unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Without warning and for any reason, DRUCKFARBEN may amend these terms and conditions of use; notification on amendments performed, if any, will be provided by simple posting on the home page of the Website. Continued use of the Website by users after the date any revisions become effective, implies their unreserved acceptance by the concerned users.


1.1. DRUCKFARBEN cannot be held responsible for any action by individual or legal entity that is directly or indirectly based on information contained in the Website, irrespective of whether these are supplied by DRUCKFARBEN or any third party.

1.2. DRUCKFARBEN does not guarantee that Website content is always up to date, secure and error-free, or it will meet the requirements of users and, consequently, that results from its use will be reliable, accurate and free from errors; hence no such responsibility is undertaken.

1.3. As a result of continuous development, the information contained in the Website may not be fully updated at all times; for this reason, they are supplied “as is” and “as available”. The use of information received or stored by or through the Website is left at the exclusive judgement and responsibility of the user; the latter accepts to evaluate their content and is the sole party responsible for any hazard possibly caused by the use of content to their own self or third parties.



2.1. The copyrights of the Website’s content, including without limitation the documents, files, texts, images, graphics and components contained therein, as well as the outlook of the Website as a whole, are the intellectual and industrial property of DRUCKFARBEN, unless otherwise specified, and they are protected by the applicable provisions of the Greek and International Law.

2.2. All product names mentioned in the Website are DRUCKFARBEN trade marks, except for those indicated as belonging to third parties.

2.3. On the condition that users avoid modification of Website information in any way, and respect all copyrights and trade marks, DRUCKFARBEN grants limited license to users to copy and print extracts or documents from the Website for personal, non - commercial use from their side, except for those being under the property of third parties and are indicated as such. DRUCKFARBEN logos and trade marks may not be used or reproduced without the company’s prior written consent.

2.4. Unless otherwise specified, copying for commercial purposes; modification; or reproduction of part or all of the Website’s contents, in any form, based on such Website and/or its content, or integration with other websites, is strictly prohibited. None of the links of the Website may be included in any other website without prior written approval by DRUCKFARBEN.



3.1. The information provided by Website users to DRUCKFARBEN, except for their personal details (including, but not limited to, expertise, comments, ideas, queries, technical input, extracts or other similar items) are not considered as confidential but rather in the public domain. DRUCKFARBEN may disclose, copy and use all or some of such information for any purpose without limitation, even for the development, manufacturing and promotion of their products.



4.1. Some of the Website’s content (e.g. articles, data or extracts) may be the property of third parties or some of the links provided may point to their websites; these assume full responsibility (civil or criminal) for the safety, the legitimacy or the validity of website content and of their services, as these reflect their own views, excluding all responsibility by DRUCKFARBEN.

4.2. DRUCKFARBEN declares no warranty that Website users are entitled to use any content belonging to third parties that is available on the Website, but declared that users should obtain permission and consent by the concerned third parties for any use of the specific content.

4.3. DRUCKFARBEN provides links for the convenience of Website users; however the company exerts no control whatsoever on third party websites or content. Only visiting them is available through the Website, hence the company has no responsibility for these websites or their content.



5.1. Use of software downloaded from the Website to users’ PCs and evaluation of possible risks for such activity is exclusively left at the discretion of users. The latter should make sure that the software downloaded is compatible with their computer and free from computer viruses.



6.1. DRUCKFARBEN reserves the right to modify or withdraw the Website in part or in full, any time, without prior notice. Any modifications will become effective the next time a suers visits the Website. Users are not entitled to compensation fr reason of being unable to use the services provided by the Website.



7.1. Questions are sent by e-mail to [email protected]



“DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.” places utmost importance in the safety of Website user personal data and cares for safeguarding the confidentiality of all private data it receives, according to the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The confidentiality policy determines the principles governing the received personal information. Any party using the Website or signing up as user of the services provided by “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.”, consents to such use.

Users are expected to carefully read such confidentiality policy, and in case of disagreement, they should refrain from using the Website.

The confidentiality policy can be revised; in such a case, a notice to this fact will be posted on the Website's home page. Users are expected to regularly check the confidentiality policy in order to be aware of any modification, otherwise the continued use of the Website implies the unreserved acceptance of the policy’s terms as these are in effect at times.


8.1.1. Overview: The purpose of this chapter is to provide information with respect to processing of your private data when you use our Website and associated services. According to Article 4 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), private data is any information relevant to individuals whose identity is determined or can be determined directly or indirectly, e.g. name, home address, e-mail address, advanced identifiers (e.g. cookies, IP addresses, e-mail addresses). It is specified for the purposes of this document, that the party responsible for Private Data Processing is the company named “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.”, having the title “DFH SA”, domiciled at Aspropirgos, Attica, at Leof. Megaridos, Kallistiri Site, with the following communication details: Tel.: 2105519300 Fax: 2105519301 Email: [email protected]

8.1.2. Your personal data are collected and processed within the framework of the following Services: Our Website allows out to communicate with us either through the contact form we have set up for users, or through e-mail. Any data you provide (such as name, phone number, e-mail address etc.) will be retained by “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.” only for the time necessary to conduct the purpose of processing the specific activity whose objection was such contact. After your application and/or query is processed and provided that no contractual relationship has resulted between the parties, data storage is no longer necessary for the concerned purposes, hence data are deleted. Users are hereby informed that data collected in the above mentioned manner, may be transferred to the relevant in-house department of the company, depending on each individual case.

Our Website provides you with the option to sign up to your newsletter, so as to receive personalised information on products, services or suggestions to participate in promotional activities. Signing up can be performed by filling an on-line application form that requests that personal details are entered (such as personal name, e-mail address, country of residence and other information), which are voluntarily submitted as part of the process. Data we collect will be automatically deleted after 24 months, if they no longer correspond to the newsletter e.g. in case of inactivity. Furthermore, you are entitled, at all times, to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive newsletters. Lastly, you may request to unsubscribe from the list of newsletter recipients, or modification of the data you initially provided in the sign up process, any time by sending e-mail to [email protected]

Furthermore, the company may employ the Website to collect and process your personal details in the course of a transaction. For instance, when you order products or services through our Website, we use your information to process the transaction, complete your order and supply you with the ordered products or services. To complete your order, you are providing us with a set of private data such as personal name, details mentioned in your proof of deposit be require for submittal etc. Your data will be processed for the necessary period to process the purchase of the products you have obtained, including potential returns, withdrawal, complaints or claims in connection to the purchase of the specific product. If you allowed us to retain some of your information for longer time, we will retain them until you order us to terminate their storage.

8.1.3. Personal data security policies: User personal data are stored in a secure server, protected by password and firewall. “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.” enforces appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of Personal Data, and their protection from inadvertent or illegal corruption, loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data forwarded, stored or submitted to processing in any other way, or any other illegal form of processing, as stipulated by the applicable legislation. Personal Data processing is exclusively conducted by the Processing Manager’s staff, designated for this purpose. Such Manager is bound by strict confidentiality engagements.

8.1.4 Legal basis for data processing and records kept: “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.” collects and processes Personal Data subject to the legal foundation of keeping the legal obligation under which we are committed, or the performance of a contract whose you are signatory or the lawful business interest, against which your own interests for data protection are not prevailing; if none of the above applies, your own consent (which we will ask before information processing). “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.” may keep records and process user personal data; these will come to the knowledge of the company through the Website, at all times respecting the terms of the European GDPR. The company will not disclose or publicize user personal data. To promote, support and conduct the purposes of “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.” and also for the improvement of services and relationship with individual users, the file can be communicated to third party associates of “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.”. Such communication will be performed always under sufficient guarantees assured by our company.

Our company will retain your personal data for the period you continue to have transactions with us, and as long as they are necessary for the fulfilment of the purpose for which collection and processing has been carried out, as described in detail above, or for the period when liability could arise from such processing, according to the legislation applicable at times or if these purposes cease to exist, we are not required to retain them under the law, e.g. for tax purposes. Furthermore, we retain the same until you request their deletion, or any we retain and process under the framework of your consent (until you waive the latter) or until you object to such processing by us, as we base it to our legitimate interest. To determine the time of retaining your personal data, in addition to the disputable cases mentioned above, we take into consideration the nature of your data; volume; purpose of processing; security level etc. Under all circumstances, your data is safely stored. After the retention period has expired, personal data are removed from the company’s physical records and information systems.

8.1.5 User rights relevant to their own personal data: Being users of the Website provides you with the status of Subject of private data, and according to the stipulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (articles 15 and following), you are entitled to the following rights, concerning your personal data:

You may request information at any time, regarding personal data stored about your person by our company, communicating with us in the email address supplied above. Furthermore, at any time, you are entitled to request updating, access, correction, supplementation, restriction of processing and/or deletion of your personal data at no charge. Lastly, you may raise objection to processing of your data by us, at  any time, and receive the data made available by you.

In case you provided consent (article 6 para. 1  clause a, GDPR) for processing of your data, you may recall it any time.

Any request relevant to amendment, modification and/or cancellation of personal data processed by our company, can be emailed to us at [email protected]

Lastly, you are entitled to file a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (GDPR article 77) either in writing at the registration office of such Authority (Address: 1-3 Kifisias street, Postcode 115 23, Athens) or in electronic form (www.dpa.gr) or to other competent supervisory authority.

8.1.6 Transfer of your data to a third party country: Being the party responsible for Private Data Processing, our company will not proceed with transmission of Personal Data to third countries or international organizations, which do not subscribe to a relevant decision by the European Commission, unless the conditions of the applicable legislation are met. Should such a transfer take place, your prior notification is necessary.

8.1.7 Privacy Policy Statement for prospective employees: This Privacy Policy Statement for candidate employees is supplementary to the General Data Protection Regulation applied by the Company, and explains the ways «DRUCKFARBEN ΕΛΛΑΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε.» is processing your personal data when you apply for a specific position on offer by our company. This describes, among others, your data regarding protection of your data, according to the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is noted that the provision of private information under the framework of the process of application submittal on your part, is carried out voluntarily. However, if you do not provide us with your private data, your company, being unable to process your application, will not be able to conclude an employment agreement with you.

Regarding the party having the capacity of Responsible for Private Data Processing.

The party being Responsible for Private Data Processing in this case is the company named “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.”, having the title “DFH SA”, domiciled at Aspropirgos, Attica, at Leof. Megaridos, Kallistiri Site, with the following communication details: Tel.: 2105519300 Fax: 2105519301. Should you have any question on this statement or if you wish to contact us for any issue relevant to the processing of your personal data, please contact the manager of the hiring office of our Human Resources Department at the email address: [email protected] .

Regarding which personal data we are processing.

We initially collect and store data provided to our company by you through your own application, transmitted to us either through the communication form provided on the Website, or by mail to [email protected] . We may also retrieve your personal data from other sources, i.e. CV collection web portals such as “kariera.gr”, or executive staff search consultancies. Following completion of the applicable hiring process or otherwise, the data collected and processed by “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.” include, among others, your contact details, a CV, cover letters and references by past employers if any, possible noted kept in the course of personal interviews, your own arguments regarding possible remuneration, results of tests you took over the Web etc. Regarding special classes of data, such as health related information, collection and processing is performed only following your explicit consent and only where this is necessary.

Regarding the time your data is kept on file.

Our company stores your personal data for the duration of the selection process of each individual candidate (“reasonable” period). In case of hiring, your personal data will remain in our file for the time of your employment. In case you are not hired, for any reason, your personal data - following notification sent to you - will be retained in our records for a period of 6 months after the time it will be made clear that you will not be hired by our company, so as to use your documents for other employment positions possibly remaining vacant. Following expiration of the 6 months term, data storage ceases to be necessary for the purposes in question and data are deleted. The above mentioned period is at all times conditional upon special circumstances such as the exercise of litigation, revenue or other obligation of our company according to the law.

Regarding the purposes of processing of your data.

The purpose of processing of your own data is to process your application, and - in case you are employed by the company - such processing will also pertain to the execution of this employment relationship. Data processing will not relate to any other purpose. In case an employment relationship exists between our company and you, then we are able to process personal data already received by you, in the framework of such relationship.

Regarding the rights of Subjects of personal data.

You may request information at any time, regarding personal data stored about your person by our company, communicating with us in the email address supplied above. Furthermore, at any time, you are entitled to request updating, access, correction, supplementation, restriction of processing and/or deletion of your personal data, according to the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Lastly, you may raise objection to processing of your data by us, at  any time, and receive the data made available by you.

Regarding the possibility of having your data transferred to a third party country.

Being the party responsible for Private Data Processing, our company will not proceed with transmission of Personal Data to third countries or international organizations, which do not subscribe to a relevant decision by the European Commission, unless the conditions of the applicable legislation are met. Should such a transfer take place, prior notification to the candidate is necessary.


Cookies are files sent by the Website’s management software, stored on the user’s hard drive. Often times they are created and transferred upon initial sign-up to the Website and then they are used to track the computer and for repeated Website access, without requiring connection, accelerating access to the Website and the information the user desires. The majority of web browsers accepts cookies, however when browser configuration changes, such transfer may not be allowed, if this is desired by the user.


The Website is addressed to adults such as investors and individual seeking information regarding “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.”. The latter will not gather, nor intends to gather information from children or relevant to children.


“DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.” may use the information collected and/or obtained in order to prevent illegal activity (ies) that threaten its corporate network of endanger the availability of the Website.


For all matters, “DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε.” would like to communicate with users or Website visitors through e-mail in the address [email protected]



9.1. The capacity of Website user is personal; hence, users are not allowed to share such capacity with other individuals. If users are provided with user name and/or password, users agree to safeguard these in safety and confidentiality and agree to pay promptly notice to DRUCKFARBEN if an non-authorized disclosure or use of such personal user name and/or password, is observed. Users are exclusively responsible for any loss or damage resulting from such non-authorized disclosure or use.

9.2. Users agree to use the Website only according to these terms and conditions of use. In case non-authorized use of the Website by any user results in loss or damage to any third party, and such third party subsequently raises claims against DRUCKFARBEN, such user will compensate DRUCKFARBEN for any positive and consequential damage that may arise out of such claims.

9.3. Users are responsible for obtaining the required equipment for access to the Website and for third party charges (e.g. Phone charges and Internet provider charges).

9.4. Persons acting as users undertake the following:

9.4.1. Use the Website according to the instructions which will be communicated by DRUCKFARBEN at times and only for the purpose this site is provided, according to these terms or otherwise, as designated  in publications or notices posted by DRUCKFARBEN.

9.4.2. When using the Website, avoid acting in breach of the applicable legislation, willingly or inadvertently.

9.4.3. Avoid using the Website to conduct unauthorized attempts to access DRUCKFARBEN systems or third party systems.

9.4.4. Avoid using the Website to conduct business or other activity(ies) prohibited by law.

9.4.5. Avoid using the Website for the dissemination of defamatory, insulting or threatening materials, where such materials violate the rights of third parties or to cause disturbance, harassment or concern to any third party, or to transmit message which are knowingly false, or use the Website for such purposes.

9.4.6. Promptly provide notice to DRUCKFARBEN regarding any claim or action of any type against the same, from the use of the Website, and, at the request of DRUCKFARBEN, immediately stop the activity that gave rise to such action.

9.4.7. Promptly provide notice to DRUCKFARBEN regarding any change in user account information. The user assumes the exclusive obligation to make sure that own details are kept up-to-date.



10.1. If any article of the above terms is non enforceable, for any reason, such a condition will not influence the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms.

10.2. These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between each user and DRUCKFARBEN; such agreement governs the access and use of the Website by the user. These terms supersede any other written agreement between them, with respect to Website use.

10.3. These terms and conditions of use are governed and interpreted exclusively according to the Greek Law and the competent courts of justice.

These websites operate under the jurisdiction of Druckfarben Hellas, a company officially registered according to the Greek Legislation (GG Νο 858 ) and has its official head office at the following address:

Megaridos Avenue, Kallistiri Site, 19300 Aspropirgos -Attiki.

Therefore, these web pages are approved by Druckfarben Hellas and the companies associated with it.