Sustainability is a key objective and priority for Druckfarben Hellas. The greater Group strategy is shared among investment in steady human relationships, both with employees and with the society.

The aspect of sustainability is present throughout the lifecycle of the Group’s products, having as sustained aims, among others, the least possible environmental footprint of raw materials; energy and water saving; decreased generation of waste and carbon dioxide emissions during production; and increased energy efficiency. The environment and user - friendly properties of our products are confirmed by reputable organizations, scientific tests and certification systems.


The Group constantly seeks and manages to meet or even exceed the highest international standards with respect to sustainable practices at all stages of industrial production.

In this framework, through a survey conducted so as to produce quantifiable results from the Group’s activities and strategies, covering the period between 2014-2021, the following remarkable findings were gathered: energy footprint reduction by 43%, annual greenhouse gas emissions down by 38% and corporate vehicle fleet transportation fuel down by 58% per unit of product output, managed waste increase by 32%, annual recycling of 40-50% of total household waste and utilization - through reuse following treatment - of 100% of sludge by-product, resulting from heat or physical / chemical treatment of the liquid waste of the production process, in collaboration with certified waste treatment companies.

Employees are the leading factor to drive the firm’s development and success; the Group systematically invests in the improvement of their skills, providing hours of training and access to instruction seminars. Meanwhile, we implement a strict health & safety policy aiming at the continuous safeguarding of health and the protection of all employees, eliminating the chance of accidents. Furthermore, values such as diversity and inclusion, regarding human resources management, are a prerequisite for the continuous improvement of the Group’s processes, products and services.


Druckfarben Hellas aims at healthy, long-term employment relationships that yield cumulative and mutual benefits. The Group nurtures these relationships through the observance of laws and fair trade habits, as well as the internal quality control and safety procedures.

At a social responsibility level, Druckfarben Hellas regularly implements several initiatives aiming at the improvement of community living standards, with a mission and drive, not just placing common sponsorships, within the framework of their corporate social responsibility.

Druckfarben Hellas firmly adopts business practices and acts for the benefit of the environment and the community, according to ESG criteria. Such activities are demonstrated by awards such as the Bronze Medal in the “Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility” category in the 2021 Manufacturing Excellence Awards, as well as the Silver award by the CR Index, for the company’s sustainable practices in the 2020-2021 period. 


In 2023, we received a Silver Medal from EcoVadis organization for our sustainable business practices. With this recognition, our Group is ranked among the top 25% of businesses evaluated globally in the respective industry. One of the pillars with a notably high performance was 'Environment,' reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly processes.