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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for certified BIOCLIMA® ClimaWall® External Thermal Insulation Systems combinations for facades.

BIOCLIMA®, under the KRAFT Paints assurance, is the 1st Hellenic Company awarded with an EPD that possess for ClimaWall® exterior thermal  insulation systems. This way, the company contributes to sustainable development and actively supports the improvement of structure ratings through internationally recognized systems (LEED, BREEAM, WELL etc.).

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Recyclable raw materials & packagings

Thanks to the new and innovative BIOCLIMA® Recycled Glass Technology, the composition of select products from the ClimaTop® finishing render series, contains microspheres from 100% recycled expanded glass for even better workability, mechanical strength and optimal top aesthetic texture. 

Furthermore, Recycled Green Technology gives a special blend of recycled raw materials which is integrated with ClimaRoof® KF-1 waterproofing, adhesive and levelling mortar from the ClimaRoof® lightweight, thermal and water insulation system. This contributes in the improvement of the product’s mechanical performance.

Furthermore, selected new containers from the ClimaTop® finishing render series consist of 46% recycled plastic. 

EAD European Certification for BIOCLIMA® ClimaWall® External Thermal Insulation Systems for facades

The certified ClimaWall® External Thermal Insulation Systems’ combinations are evaluated by ΕΟΤΑ (European Organization for Technical Assessment) Notified Bodies, according to EAD 40083-00-0404 (ETA 21/0875, ETA 21/0876, ETA 21/1047) and cover the 4 common thermal insulation board types: expanded polystyrene (white & graphite), extruded polystyrene and mineral wool.

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Reaction to Fire Assessment

All certified BIOCLIMA® ClimaWall® External Thermal Insulation System combinations have been evaluated for Reaction to Fire, by European Notified Bodies, according to EN 13501-1; hence they offer enhanced fire protection to structures. Thus, the enhanced requirements of the National Fire Protection Regulation are met (Presidential Decree 41/2018), since the optimal performance characteristics are available for each combination class.

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Shades and textures of ClimaTop® finishing renders

The flagship BIOCLIMA® ClimaTop® series of finishing renders offers endless choices of shades, by way of the Inspired Color Collection and Reflective Collection fandecks. The specially designed inorganic pigments (marked F) offer exceptional long-term durability.