Druckfarben Group: A New Era in BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems

Press releases 17 June 2022
Όμιλος Druckfarben: Νέα Εποχή στα δομικά συστήματα ενεργειακής αναβάθμισης BIOCLIMA®

In response to today’s real-world situation and societal requirements, the Druckfarben Group has developed the BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems, presented to the Media on Thursday, June 16 at the company’s premises, in an event focused on innovation, energy saving and sustainable development.

Projecting the vision of creating value and providing a more affordable green future for each one of us, the company presented the benefits of BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems to their guests. BIOCLIMA®’s ClimaWall® is the first Hellenic Certified External Thermal Insulation System for facades that possess EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), ensuring top eco-friendly rating to building structures, according to international green building rating systems, such as LEED, BREEAM & WELL. Furthermore, BIOCLIMA® products are fully conformant to all current European and National regulations.

The BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems are manufactured at the company’s new, state-of-the-art, automated production plant located at Asprpyrgos, Attica. This was finalized in early 2022 as part of the Group’s tri-annual investment plan of a 5,4 million Euro total budget, to which the particular product series contributed 3,5 million Euro. The new, advanced machinery-equipped facilities, including the ready-to-use finishing renders for the external thermal insulation systems production line as well as the automated mortar production & packaging line, will assume the production of the existing product line. They will also expand the potential for the further development of the Group. 

Visitors exclusively witnessed the production process of BIOCLIMA® products and received input on demanding technical solutions for walls (ClimaWall®) and roofs (ClimaRoof®).

Mr. Giorgos Karavasilis, Chairman & Managing Director of the Druckfarben Group, stated: “PROVIDE THERMAL INSULATION TO YOUR HOME”, saving on energy bills, shielding your house, and lastly, significantly contributing to carbon footprint reduction”.


The BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems in a nutshell

The integrated BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems were designed with the Greek conditions in mind, which are rich in a multitude of microclimates and architectural traditions. Two Integrated Energy Upgrade Systems are provided for walls and roofs. They are part of a new, human-focused and environmentally aware architectural concept, contributing to cost savings and the environmental protection, mainly through the reduction of CO2 emissions, thanks to the reduced energy requirements for heating / cooling. These are smart systems, capable of adapting to climate and environment variations, as they control contaminants; contribute to the development of healthy indoor environment quality; ensure water insulation & repellency; make optimal use of heat capacity; and improve the building’s energy performance. All the above translate into an enhanced quality of living.

Firstly, the ClimaWall® series offers technical solutions certified according to European Regulations (EAD 040083-00-0404), leveraging all 4 thermal insulation board types (white & graphite expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, mineral wool), offering two base coat options (inorganic and organic), meeting every architectural and design requirement through the comprehensive ClimaTop® finishing render line.

Secondly, ClimaRoof® Is a lightweight, thermal & water insulation system for terraces offering exceptional thermal insulation, excellent waterproofing, resilience and low added load to the roof structure.

Furthermore, Druckfarben Group employs an expert BIOCLIMA® Technical Support Department, staffed by engineers and application technicians, aiming at providing prompt and effective information to all concerned parties, offering expertise and technical solutions corresponding to individual requirements.