New “Exoikonomo” Program – Round Β

Wednesday February 7 saw the commencement of application admission for the second round of the "EXOIKONOMO 2024” program. This is the sequel of "EXOIKONOMO 2023”  program, a home energy upgrade initiative that supersedes earlier programs.

Round B, also known as "EXOIKONOMO 2024”, is addressed to vulnerable households.
Eligible homes that can be admitted to the program are single homes or apartments, whose primary purpose is residence.

Now, the new program extends eligible energy interventions with the following:

  1. replacement of fenestration
  2. thermal insulation installation / upgrade 
  3. heating / cooling system upgrade
  4. hot water system using Renewable Energy Sources
  5. other interventions (smart home management system)

Rates of subsidizing may reach up to 85% of the eligible budget for interventions.

“Exoikonomo” Program – Round Β: Requirements

Program requirements are similar to those that applied to programs run in recent years. These are, in particular:

  1. Lawfully established
  2. Not declared due for demolition
  3. Used as primary residence
  4. Not being eligible through the use of short-term lease (.i.e. Airb’n’b and the like).
  5. Classified under class lower or equal to C, according to the 1st Energy Performance Certificate (Α’ EPC), i.e. before interventions are applied.


Supporting Documentation for Exoikonomo 2023

The supporting documents required for the program are generally the following:

  1. Applicant's Individual ID Card or Passport
  2. Applicant revenue forms (Ε1, Ε2, Ε9 etc.)
  3. Building Permit and / or other similar legalizing document.
  4. Copy of Electricity Bill
  5. Statement by the applicable Municipal Authority that identifies the Real Property (if the address stated on supporting documents is different from the actual building address)
  6. Energy Efficiency Certificate, applicable before the interventions (“Α’ ΠΕΑ”)
  7.  Photo documentation of the present condition of structure parts and surfaces where the proposed interventions are situated.
  8. In case the property is leased or conceded free of charge, a relevant statement of compliance must be completed
  9. In case the individual required for tax statement filling and/or the spouse is a foreign resident, the following documents should be submitted: Tax Residence Certificate; Tax Statement for the reference year of the tax residence country.
  10. If the applicant is exempt from the obligation to submit a tax statement, a relevant notarized Solemn Statement should be submitted.
  11. In case the applicant obtained beneficial rights on the real property after 31.12.2022, the following should be submitted in addition: property title; certificate of transfer by the competent Mortgage Registry, or certificate of filing in the cadastral records of the local Cadastral Authority Office; Solemn Statement to confirm that the real property is used as a main residence; filing / amendment of Real Property Statement (Ε9 form).
  12. In case the party liable for tax payments or the spouse thereof or dependent minors are handicapped to a degree of at least 67%, a “Notice of Disability Status Result” should be submitted by the competent Disability Status Certification Centre, or a similar legitimate document by a Health Authority should be submitted instead.
  13. In case of Large Families the applicant should submit a Certificate of Large Family Status bearing a valid digital signature by the Hellenic Large Family Association (ΑSPE), combined with a certificate of family status.


Why choose BIOCLIMA®

BIOCLIMA®, backed by the KRAFT Paints assurance, has developed two integrated groups of exterior thermal insulation systems, especially for the “EXOIKONOMO 2023” program. These are adapted to the Greek climate conditions; they are CE-marked and fully meet the requirements of the program.


Designed especially for the Greek Climate Conditions

The system allows comprehensive building coverage that includes energy upgrade, protection against weather effects and profound aesthetic upgrading!

All individual products constituting the BIOCLIMA® Systems are customized to the particularites of the Greek territory. These are the following, among others:

  • Rich natural geographical diversity
  • Intense temperature and humidity variation
  • Expanded coastal areas where buildings are situated
  • Frequent earthquake activity

Moreover, they participate in existing building energy upgrade programs, under a financial subsidy regime (e.g. “EXOIKONOMO 2023” by the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change), thus providing energy consumption savings up to 65% inclusive.

  1. ClimaWall® exterior thermal insulation systems based on all common handling materials for application to vertical surfaces (exterior walls) and pilotis.
  2. ClimaRoof® thermal and water insulation systems (the fruit of collaboration between 2 industry leaders: KRAFT Paints& FIBRAN) based on thermal insulating materials of premium insulating value (extruded polystyrene) as well as innovative cement based sealing and adhesive materials for application on horizontal surfaces (roofs, terraces).


Exoikonomo Program FAQ


When does Round Β of the Exoikonomo Program commence?

Mr. Theodoros Skilakakis, Minister of Environment, and Mr. Nikos Papathanasis, deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance, through a relevant Ministerial Decision, gave the mark for launching the application submittal process for a short 2-month term, between February 7, till March 29, 2024.

The budgeted amount for Round B is 110 million for financially vulnerable population groups. Applications are to be submitted exclusively on-line at the program’s website.


When does “Exoikonomo” end?

Online applications for the program are allowed until March 29, 2024; no information is available regarding possible extension of the closing date.


When will the results of EXOIKONOMO 2023 be posted?

Soon there will be announcements on the names on the top of the list for the “EXOIKONOMO 2023” program. The total number is 31 549 applications that will receive a total fund of 422.1 million Euro. The results will be posted on the program’s website following application processing and appropriate score adjustment, according to the announced adjustment rules. 


How can I submit an application for the program?

Application submittal is possible through, using the special “Exoikonomo” field and following the instructions. 


Can you process the submittal of applications to the program?

KRAFT Paints & BIOCLIMA® CANNOT process the submittal of the application to the program for you. For this service, you may refer to qualified engineers and Energy Auditors.


Is there going to be any extension to the application deadline for Exoikonomo 2024?

Each year since 2009, the program has been renewed; hence, it is highly likely that, the new Exoikonomo for 2024 and the coming years will be realized.


Which personal revenue criteria apply to the program?


Personal Revenue (€)

Family Revenue





>5.000 – 10.000*

>10.000 – 20.000

The above revenue is inferred from the Tax Determination Act, according to the latest cleared tax statement of the year 2022.
*Family Revenue


Which is the peak subsidy amount for any application?

Personal Revenue (€)

Family Revenue (€)

Subsidy Rate

Applicant resides in self-owned house

No charge concession to third party / renting






>5.000 – 10.000





It is worth mentioning that the peak eligible total budget for energy upgrade interventions for Round A, VAT included, could not exceed the following amount per application:

  1. The product of 1,10 € by the total estimated annual primary energy saving (kWh) as this will result according to the 1st Energy Efficiency Certificate.
  2. The product of 220 € by the area size of main residence spaces, as this is inferred from the Ε9 form
  3. Τhe amount of 22.500 €

In each case, the individual peak limits by eligible expense of individual intervention, will apply as well.


Which is the method applied to the adjustment and assessment of applications to the Program?



Significance of factors

Highest scored point of building

Lowest scored point of building


Converted energy saving cost*





Revenue (€)/family member


1.000(€)/family member








Energy class, according to the 1st Certificate





Age of structure


Prior to 1955



Single - parent family





Disabled Persons**





Large family patrons***




Peak percentage of significance of individual factors




Score = K₁ · 50% + K₂ · 14% + K₃ · 7% + K₄ · 5% + K₅ · 3% + K₆ · 7% + K₇ · 7% + K₈ · 7%


Is it necessary to obtain a loan to take part in the Program?

No, this is not necessary. The remaining amount after subsidy - subject to revenue criteria - may be covered by the beneficiary’s own funds.


Which is the minimum energy saving so that an application is admitted to the Program?

For each eligible residence (stand-alone home or apartment) there is a mandatory improvement by at least 3 energy classes, compared to the classification in the 1st Certificate (EPC) (it is mandatory to obtain Class B at a minimum as well, in case of deep renovation), so as to ensure primary energy saving to a rate in excess of 30%.

Energy classes (classification)

Eligible Application classified in the 1st Certificate (EPC)

Minimum Energy Target: Classification in the 2nd Certificate (EPC)




























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