Seminars for BIOCLIMA® ClimaWall® External Thermal Insulation System Superintendents, accredited by Swiss Approval Certification Body

BIOCLIMA® by KRAFT Paints, continues to support tomorrow's professionals by organizing an education program in collaboration with the SWISS APPROVAL International Inspection and Certification Body. The aim is to provide certified knowledge based on Greek and international standards, regulations, and legislative frameworks to Individuals, Engineers, and Contractors. The program is titled "Certification of Supervisors for External Thermal Insulation Systems, ClimaWall® by BIOCLIMA®." The educational program takes place over two days, while the examinations, supervised by SWISS APPROVAL, occur on a separate date (either in person or online). Upon successful completion, participants receive the corresponding Training Certification.

Specifically, the seminar delves into selected fundamental elements of European and National Regulatory Frameworks regarding: external thermal insulation of building walls, the updated new Building Fire Protection Regulation (P.D. 41/2018), the broader National and European framework of building energy performance requirements, as well as contemporary environmental assessments of constructions (e.g., LEED, BREEAM, WELL), and building systems/products involved (e.g., EPD).

The Seminar is conducted by experienced Engineers from BIOCLIMA's Technical Support & Development and initially consists of a theoretical part explaining the aforementioned, various concepts, and construction methods of energy upgrading and insulation with numerous examples and case studies. Subsequently, the basic stages of applying the external thermal insulation system for wall construction are demonstrated practically by a specialized Applications Technician, and any queries are addressed. At the end of the seminar, participants receive appropriate material containing all the information for future reference.

Based on all of the above, particular emphasis is placed on the innovation of BIOCLIMA's ClimaWall® External Thermal Insulation Systems and extensive reference is made to how a building's value increases when it possesses a good energy class.

This specific educational program enhances the company's educational profile, which has been implemented for years through specialized training in stores, at the company's headquarters, and through webinars. BIOCLIMA®  by KRAFT Paints, aims to create a team of professionals with specialized knowledge and high expertise in external thermal insulation, ensuring that the undertaking and implementation of similar projects are carried out with absolute safety and effectiveness by recognized and certified technical personnel.

KRAFT Paints once again innovates in collaboration with SWISS APPROVAL, making it the 1st Greek Company in Paint Production & Structural Repair Materials, certifying engineers and contractors in supervising the installation of external thermal insulation. The examinations are overseen by an external, independent body, receiving the relevant technical competency certificates.