With a view to sustainability: the participation of KRAFT Paints in the Coating Forum

Press releases 09 November 2022
Με βλέμμα στην αιειφορία η συμμετοχή της KRAFT Paints στο Coating Forum

Through an inspired speech by KRAFT Paints General Manager,

 Mr. Dimitris Nikolakis

With Coating Forum 2022 and the developments in the construction sector as starting points, KRAFT Paints and BIOCLIΜΑ®, responding to the essential challenges of the transition of the chemical industry in a circular economy, presented the company’s strategic initiatives and proposals for a more sustainable environment, now and in the future. A dynamic presence in the Coating Forum 2022, was that of the General Manager of KRAFT Paints, Mr. Dimitris Nikolakis, elaborating on the concerns as well as solutions available for setting sustainability as a mainstay of modern companies.

Mr. Nikolakis stressed that nowadays, the main issue at stake is changing established business models supporting the continuous consumption of natural resources, towards a paradigm that will disassociate consumption and financial growth. Companies of the future are aware that success and sustainability are dependent upon their relationship with society and the environment; it is there that we should place our focus, highlighting fundamental aims such as: preservation of energy and natural resources, reduction of waste, innovation in technology through the use of renewable materials, improvement of efficiency of processes and development of sustainable products. Lastly, the use of environment - friendly materials. Furthermore, training on such matters plays a key role in this effort, from architects, producers and salespeople to the ultimate consumer.

For KRAFT Paints and BIOCLIΜΑ®, there are three key elements driving the Coatings Sector towards sustainability: health, climate change and circular economy. It is important to lead the sector towards a new strategic thinking towards sustainability, through consumption reduction; restriction of the use of toxic substances / materials; reduction of CO2 footprint; preservation of energy and renewable sources and biobased and recyclable RMs.

In particular, Mr. Nikolakis referred to the company’s actions towards sustainability, added as the 3rd mainstay of corporate strategy; combined with price and the company’s profitability, it has turned the company’s way of thinking and operating, towards a direction having positive impact and promoting to all stakeholders, the value of sustainable products, integrating sustainability features to the core values of the company’s products.

Mr. Nikolakis rounded up his speech saying that sustainability is not a trend but a need, to allow the circular economy to enter an accelerated course, through the synergy among all stakeholders.

The BIOCLIMA® certified energy upgrade building systems in a nutshell:

The integrated BIOCLIMA® energy upgrade building systems family was designed with the Hellenic conditions in mind, with a multitude of microclimates and architectural traditions. We offer two integrated energy upgrade systems for walls and roofs. They are part of a new, human-focused and environmentally aware architectural concept, contributing to cost savings and the environment protection, mainly through the reduction of CO2 emissions, thanks to the reduced requirements for heating / cooling equipment operation. These are smart systems, capable of adapting to climate and environment variations, as they control contaminants; contribute to the development of healthy indoor environment quality; ensure water insulation & repellency; make optimal use of thermal capacity’ and improve the building’s energy performance. All the above translate into enhanced quality of living.

BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems are the first certified Hellenic External Thermal Insulation Systems that possess EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).. 

In the first case, the ClimaWall® series offers technical solutions certified according to European Standards (EAD 040083-00-0404), leveraging all 4 thermal insulation board types (white & graphite expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, mineral wool), offering two base coat options (inorganic and organic), meeting every architectural and design requirement through the comprehensive ClimaTop® finishing render line.

The second system is Clima Roof®, lightweight, thermal & water insulation systems for flat roofs (terraces), offering exceptional thermal insulation, excellent waterproofing, resilience and low added load to the roof structure.

Furthermore, Druckfarben Group employs an expert BIOCLIMA® Technical support department, staffed by engineers and application technicians, aiming at providing prompt and effective information to all concerned parties, offering expertise and technical solutions corresponding to individual requirements.



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