Exterior Thermal Insulation Technical Seminar in Crete by BIOCLIMA!

Seminars/ Webinars 23 November 2023

The specialized engineering group of BIOCLIMA, a member of the Druckfarben group, consistently supporting the sector’ professionals, held another successful technical seminar; at Ibis Styles Hotel in Heraklion, Crete: with 70 participants, investing in thermal insulation professionals and the development of the construction sector in Crete.

The purpose of the seminar was to provide training to the attendees and to develop and reinforce the company’s bonds with local partners in Crete, via the presentation of exterior thermal insulation systems, certifications and the relevant legislation.

The presenters elaborated on state-of-the-art product categories such as renovating mortars for concrete and finishing render surfaces; and the BIOCLIMA® Certified Energy Upgrade Building Systems, fully harmonized with all current European and National Codes, for thermal insulation and fire protection of building structures. The seminar incorporated a live presentation of thermal insulation materials application by a specialized BIOCLIMA installer, as well as insights on the range of mortar products by KRAFT Paints, along with the classroom part of the presentation. Also, gifts were presented to attendees.

The seminars conducted all over Greece, keep developing the company’s training character. Their aim is to support our associates and to allow the advancement of the sector’s employees. The latter became enabled to implement projects with the Greek settings in mind, rich in microclimates and architectural tradition.