Certification of trade professionals by BIOCLIMA, in associations with merchant “Paint Plus - Nikolaos G. Dagiopoulos” in Kalamata

Seminars/ Webinars 23 July 2023

BIOCLIMA, a worldwide leader in the certification of professionals in the supervision of exterior masonry heat insulation systems, in an independent manner


BIOCLIMA, a member of the Druckfarben Group, provides continuous support to tomorrow’s professionals, organizing training programs in collaboration with SWISS APPROVAL, a Certification organization for individuals, aiming at providing certified knowledge aligned with Hellenic as well as international standards, codes and legislation, to individuals, Engineers and Contractors all over Greece.

Having already realized a series of training seminars since 2021, the specialized team of engineers of BIOCLIMA held yet another successful seminar between July 21-22 in Kalamata, at the Elite City Resort Hotel. The company invests in thermal insulation expert professionals in Peloponnese.

During the training program, the Application Specialist elaborated on application technical matters, through video presentations as well as through on-the-job training. Furthermore, new building legislation was also cited, regarding Europe as well as the local level; particular focus was placed on the law on fire protection and new certifications such as EPD.

According to all the above, particular emphasis was placed on the innovation of BIOCLIMA® exterior heat insulating systems. There was a detailed reference to the increase of building value in case it obtains a favorable energy class rating. At the end of the seminar, attendees received an insulation manual with all the information they would require for future use.

The specific training program advances the company’s training profile, which is applied for many years, through special training sessions at merchants’ premises; at the company’s headquarters; and by way of webinars. The aim of BIOCLIMA, is to develop a cluster of professionals having special knowledge and sophisticated skills on exterior heat insulation, so that the commencement and implementation of similar projects is performed in utmost safety and efficiency, by renowned, certified technical staff.

Once more, the Druckfarben Group, is at the forefront of innovation; in collaboration with merchant “Paint Plus - Nikolaos G. Dagiopoulos” in Kalamata, and SWISS APPROVAL, being the first company to provide certification to engineers and contractors in the supervision of exterior heat insulation installation, through tests overseen by an external independent agency, producing the necessary technical adequacy certificates.