Press releases 18 June 2024

The new, innovative, and practical fan deck from BIOCLIMA® for the ready-to-use ClimaTop® finishing renders, with a plaster texture, changes the standards in the category.

BIOCLIMA®, always supporting construction professionals, innovates with the new "BIOCLIMA® CLIMAWALL FACADE COLLECTION" fan deck, allowing them to choose from 285 unique shades, featuring the actual texture of the plaster. This fan deck is an innovative tool for selecting shades of the ready-to-use ClimaTop® finishing renders.

Professionals can choose from 285 unique shades with ClimaTop® plaster texture for interior and exterior surfaces, providing an excellent depiction of the final result while simultaneously contributing to the building's energy savings, durability over time, and resistance to weather conditions.

The collection includes 58 color combination suggestions, with 5 shades per suggestion, in grain sizes from 0.01mm to 2mm. The shades of the fan are divided into "Perfect Whites", "Greys & Tinted Neutrals", "Naturals" & "Cool Facades".

The need for shades, even with dark tones or high reflectivity, is met through the certified cool shades "Cool Facades", for even greater energy savings and minimal cooling load requirements.

The shades of "Cool Facades" category are the 20 most frequently used medium and dark shades for exterior surfaces, with the unique advantage of increased reflectivity thanks to their special composition. The certified Cool TSR shades, or Cool Facades, with specially formulated pigments in their composition, show excellent reflectivity in the IR spectrum (infrared spectrum). This means they reflect the majority of the energy carried by solar radiation when it hits a surface.

As a result, the color choice is expanded (even using dark shades), while also ensuring the building's energy savings by reducing thermal solar absorption and consequently the cooling loads and the required electric energy consumption for cooling.

Through the fan deck, one can look up in the index the LRV* value (Light Reflectance Value), the brightness and reflectivity in the visible spectrum, the C* value (Chroma), which determines the color density - the intensity and purity of the color - and the H* value (Hue), which specifies the hue rendered in degrees (0° for red, 90° for yellow, 180° for bluish-green, and 270° for blue).

It should be noted that any discrepancies between the shades in the fan deck and the final surfaces are due to the nature of the surface, the preparation, the type of the finishing render, the granularity, and the printing technique of the fan deck.