How can we reduce the environmental footprint of buildings and improve the atmosphere in the spaces where we live?

News 06 June 2023

Studies have shown that those of us living in Europe and America spend over 90% of our time indoors. Children tend to spend slightly more time outdoors compared to adults, but for the majority of the developed world, building constructions continue to rise each year. In Greece, in 2022, the construction sector saw a 22.6% increase in nominal values and a 14.5% increase in adjusted values.

The building sector is responsible for approximately 40% of total energy consumption in the European Union and 43% at the national level. In Greece, about 60% of buildings were constructed before 1980, with almost complete lack of attention to energy efficiency.

Sustainable development of space includes, whenever possible, the reuse of existing buildings and the preservation of the natural environment. Encouraging the incorporation of green shelters, rooftop gardens, extensive planting around buildings, and choosing appropriate ecological materials for construction is vital.


πράσινη δόμηση και πράσινες κατασκευές bioclima


The BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems, fall into this category of materials! These systems are specially designed for the climate of Greece and include two main categories: ClimaWall® Certified External Thermal Insulation Systems and ClimaRoof® Lightweight, Thermal & Water Insulation Systems.

The overall building insulation provided by BIOCLIMA® Systems entails many direct and indirect benefits:

  • Up to 65% energy savings
  • Modern aesthetic improvement of the building
  • Creation of comfortable living spaces and well-being
  • Improvement of the property's lifespan and value
  • Rapid capital investment depreciation
  • Participation in energy upgrade programs for existing buildings with subsidies
  • The products are packaged in packages made of 46% recycled plastic.

KRAFT Paints & BIOCLIMA® are partners in addressing climate change by developing products with Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), offering both aesthetic excellence and high durability.

The EPD declaration ensures their commitment to environmental benefit throughout the life cycle of our products, according to European and international standards. This certification contributes to the superior 'ecological' classification of building constructions according to internationally recognized rating systems, such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL, etc.


πράσινη δόμηση και πράσινες κατασκευές bioclima


The green approach to building materials doesn't stop at external surfaces. KRAFT Paints focuses on solutions for internal surfaces, as exemplified by the Master paint series. The quality of the indoor space contributes to how a person feels in a space and is influenced by various factors such as ventilation, temperature control, and the use of materials that do not emit toxic gases.

The Master paint series, with Indoor Air Comfort® and Indoor Air Comfort® GOLD certifications from Eurofins, which also meets the strict French A+ standard, is designed to offer better air quality indoors, ensuring that these products have minimal volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions after painting.

Did you know that with the help of Photocatalysis, gases adhering to a properly painted surface are broken down and essentially 'clean' the room's air? KRAFT Paints once again innovates with the creation of Master Clean Air with additional photocatalytic properties. It is recommended for use on ceilings in spaces with fireplaces, stoves, wood stoves, indoor garages, areas with cigarette smoke, and kitchens with natural gas stoves.

KRAFT Paints & Bioclima® remain committed to their mission of innovative products and solutions that meet the modern needs of consumers and professionals in the industry while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint.